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Free Quotes on All HVAC Services

As a business ourselves, we’ve made it our mission to provide all businesses and companies in the Dallas area with quality, reliable HVAC service. For this reason, we always offer no-obligation consultations and assessments, so that we can listen to your needs and properly pinpoint the work that needs to be done and how we can help.

Then, we’ll be able to get you an accurate free quote. We make sure everything is clear and concise on the onset, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Quick and Cost-Effective Commercial HVAC Repair

When your HVAC system is giving you some trouble, we can fix it! Our technicians work quickly and efficiently to inspect your system and diagnose the problem, and then, we’ll get to work, always choosing the most cost-effective and efficient repair route.

Rest assured, we’re not like other HVAC companies that’ll try to upsell you with a system replacement. If there’s something that can be done, we’ll provide a repair solution that works for you.

And if there’s nothing that can be done, or your system is giving you continuous trouble, we’ll find you a new HVAC system that works with your needs and your budget. Although it may seem like an investment now, this may end up saving you time and money in the long run.

Preventative Commercial HVAC Maintenance

At Air Nortex LLC, not only do we provide solutions for right now, but we strive to provide long-term ones as well. When we conduct inspections, we make sure to spot any potential issues that’ll cause a need for repair in the future.

If you want your HVAC system to function hassle-free for a long time, we offer custom maintenance programs and packages. With routine checks, we’ll ensure your system is always working at maximum efficiency.

Superior Commercial HVAC Installation

When it comes to the commercial sector, it’s very important to select the right HVAC system for you and your building. Our HVAC contractors are certified and experienced and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the latest in HVAC technology.

We offer a full range of HVAC systems that’ll optimize your energy use and always keep your place of business well-ventilated and at the right temperature. We work quickly and efficiently to install your new sustainable heating, ventilation, and cooling systems and have flexible scheduling for when you need our services most.

Dallas’ Leading Commercial HVAC Systems

There are many different commercial HVAC solutions available to our Dallas clients with commercial heating, cooling and refrigeration needs. As leading HVAC specialist, we have experience installing units both large and small in businesses all over Dallas. We have cultivated valuable relationships with these businesses and continue to serve them with high-quality service to this day. We would love to share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Our specialists are here to guide you make the best choice possible, so it is helpful for you to go over this basic overview of some popular types of commercial HVAC solutions available in Dallas today so you can begin thinking about your options. It’s usually beneficial to understand what is available to you before speaking with your HVAC specialist so that you feel informed and more confident in the decision you end up making.

Popular Commercial HVAC Units in Dallas:

  • Variable Air Volume Unit - This type of HVAC system uses a single duct air system which means that many different rooms can be temperature controlled with this unit. The air temperature can be controlled on demand and stopped or reset depending on the outdoor air temperature, humidity or dryness.
  • Constant Air Volume - Similar to the Variable Air Volume unit, this unit uses air ducts but has a constant airflow. The air temperature is controlled via a thermostat and the rooms can be heated or cooled depending on the reference of the user.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow - Similar to residential units, this type of system uses a heat pump to transfer hot and cool air. A heat pump uses a refrigerant to make hot air cold, and a fan pumps it into a desired space. This is an energy efficient option, as it can be used to heat and cool a space. Furthermore, this is also energy efficient because multiple evaporators can be connected to the same condensing unit at once. This means less energy is exhausted to the outdoors, and more can be recycled.
  • Ventilators - Ventilators are a great option for a space with no windows or exposure to sunlight. The ventilator can provide air circulation without using much energy. A ventilator consists of an internal fan and/or heating and cooling coil. The air coming from a ventilator can be a mix of both supply and return air.
  • Ceiling Fans - Ceiling fans are a simple, cost effective solution to providing comfort in a commercial space. If the room in question is constantly at a warm temperature, it may not need much air quality control other than a ceiling fan. Similarly, if used in conjunction with another HVAC heating and cooling system, it can make a space that much more comfortable.

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